The Troglodyte Top 12

Ranking (Previous)- Pre-Bowl

1. Notre Dame (1)
2. Florida (2)
3. Alabama (3)
4. LSU (4)
5. Kansas St. (5)
6. Stanford (12)
7. Oregon (6)
8. Oklahoma (7)
9. South Carolina (8)
10. Texas A&M (9)
11. Georgia (11)
12. Oregon St. (Bubble)

Bubble: Clemson (Bubble), Florida St. (Bubble)
Out: Misssippi St. (10), Nebraska (Bubble)

Other 2012 NCAA Rankings

The Troglodyte's 2012 Bracket Prediction
Frozen Four (0% correct)
Northeast: Minnesota-Duluth (out)
West: North Dakota (out)
Midwest: Michigan (out)
East: Miami, OH (out)

Champion (0%)
North Dakota (out)

The Troglodyte's
Average (Mode) 2012 Bracket Prediction

Sweet 16 (56.25% correct)
South-1: Kentucky
South-5: Wichita State (out)
South-3: Baylor
South-2: Duke (out)
West-1: Michigan State
West-5: New Mexico (out)
West-3: Marquette
West-2: Missouri (out)
East-1: Syracuse
East-5: Vanderbilt (out)
East-6: Cincinnati
East-2: Ohio State
Midwest-1: North Carolina
Midwest-12: South Florida (out)
Midwest-3: Georgetown (out)
Midwest-2: Kansas

Final Four (50%)
Michigan State (out)
Vanderbilt (out)

Champion (33%)
tie - Kentucky, Michigan State (out), Kansas (out)

The Troglodyte Top 12 (Final 1/9/12)
1. Alabama (previous 2)
2. LSU (1)
3. Arkansas (3)
4. Oklahoma St. (4)
5. Stanford (5)
6. Oregon (6)
7. Kansas St. (7)
8. Oklahoma (8)
9. South Carolina (9)
10. Baylor (10)
11. Boise St. (Bubble)
12. Wisconsin (Bubble)
Bubble: TCU (Bubble), Michigan St. (--), Michigan (--)
Dropped: Georgia (11), Virginia Tech (12), Clemson (Bubble)

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