Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No Nonsense Country Music

Memorial of St. Anthony of Egypt
Happy Belated Birthday to Troglotyke #5

Last Friday night, the Troglodytrix and I were given tickets to the George
Strait concert. Since it has been only about three years since my complete
conversion to country music, I must confess that I am not that familiar
with his work, i.e., I recognize readily maybe a dozen, or so, of his
songs. Holy smokes! The man can sing and his Ace in the Hole band can play.
I'm almost always pleasantly surprised by the musicianship of groups on the
road, but this was to a different level. There is no glitz and glam with
Mr. Strait and his band--they don't need it.

The square stage was set in the center of the arena with a microphone on
each side, and he just rotated his way around the stage, with the group
behind him in the center. It was like watching a station-to-station
baseball team hit nothing but screaming line drives for about 20 runs. Or
maybe 29 because that was how many songs they performed in a near two-hour
set, with nary a waver in his voice, nor a hitch in a bridge, as they
covered a wide range from ballads to blues to old school to rock-a-billy to
contemporary. What a show!

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