Thursday, April 20, 2006

How to Patch the Evangelical Crack-up

Solemnity of Easter Thursday

Jordan Ballor of Acton notes in response to a NYT article claiming and highlighting that while there never has been a movement as large, or powerful, as evangelicalism, there appear to be old fissures widening and new theological splits forming,
Ultimately the unity of any group of Christian believers must be founded on doctrinal agreement. Practice is informed by belief. ...

This is why creeds and confessional statements have enjoy such an important place in the history of Christianity...
The NYT article also notes that there are even questions of whether to rename the movement to make reference to history and orthodoxy and that this rise of disunity is occurring as the dominating figure of Billy Graham is leaving the stage for retirement.

Of course, such developments are a natural consequence of any group that 1.) grows large, and 2.) is rooted in Protestantism. So let's see, to be (maybe just a little) charitable and try to help them out... Where could the evangelicals find a single, say global, figure to bring a unity of focus to doctrine with an eye toward historical, orthodox Christianity? Hmmmmm.

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