Monday, May 07, 2007

Another Day When I Love My Job

On May 1st, the Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker, where we celebrate the dignity of human labor, Mitchell Hadley re-posted on Stella Borealis a fisking of an inane corporate memo plus some reflection from his (and others') Our Word blog from several years earlier.

He introduces it:
Unfortunately, for many in Corporate America, dignity is the last thing one finds, in an environment that sees work not as a reflection of God's greatness, nor as something to be offered to God, but merely as a tool to generate profit. Likewise, the employee is seen not as having been made in the image of God, but as a statistic, to be manipulated in whichever way possible in order to improve the bottom line.
I work for a global, Fortune 300-sized company in a growing and competitive industry and haven't really shared this kind of "Corporate America" experience in my nearly 20 years. Sure, I've worked plenty of nights and weekends and had my run-ins with "Human Resources." On the flip side, I am paid quite well, receive good benefits, and have flexible hours. If somebody chases me down with a cell phone while I'm on vacation, I'm not charged a vacation day. Nobody has said a word about my statue of St. Joseph on my desk, a cross from my mother on the wall, or an Easter bookmark on my bulletin board that Troglotyke #1 made. Nor has anybody questioned my putting "JMJ" on every one of my e-mails, other than to get the occasional inquiry as to what it means. I work with people from many different cultures, and many of them advance their traditions in similar ways. Our company has had it as an objective to be a "Most Admired Company" for more than a decade, which includes being an employer of choice. Being employed "at will" fits into this, despite rants in the comments section to the contrary. However, I won't claim that I can extend my particular to the general here. Instead I can just remind myself again that there is plenty of good to counter the frustrations and the disappointments that anybody faces at work.

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