Friday, July 06, 2007

That Was Fast, Or Was It?

Memorial of Maria Goretti
It seems hard to believe that it's been a month since I posted, but there it is. Actually, in a sense, it's also hard to believe it's only been a month. The Troglodyte was born from a flurry of e-mails following the 2004 election. During the time of the e-mails, I had finally started reading blogs.  I'd heard of them, of course, but never bothered to read any until one day I Googled "catholic systems analysis" and came across, among other things, four blogs: Oswald Sorbino's Catholic Analysis, Mark Shea's Catholic and Enjoying It, TM Lutas' Flit(tm), and Tom Barnett's blog. After reading about their merry adventures on CAEI, when Mark Shea visted Frs. Tharp and Hamilton, and because I had crossed paths with them when The Clan lived in Oklahoma, Catholic Ragemonkey (RIP) was soon added to the list of what became my regular reads. It was these five blogs that inspired me to take the fun from a string of e-mails and use it to launch a blog. They are the blogfathers, if you will, of The Troglodyte.
So why bring all this up? Because my blogging is seriously frustrated. This happens from time to time, and shouldn't be a suprise for a father of seven. Actually, I mention this as a long prologue for noting that TM Lutas has been in a similar boat:
Other questions that normally grab my interest have paled lately and I find myself turning back to the question...
Now I am not referring to The Long War, as he is, but I have another moral problem that occupies my thinking these days.
** Sidebar
Like before, I am also still very much in line with where Lutas is on the war:
...I find myself turning back to the question of justice in war. So far, I find the anti-war side relatively unhinged from reality because they generally simplify the evil that Saddam did to a question of WMD. The pro-war side is little better because, having lost the moral certainty that Saddam was in possession of WMD they have largely abandoned the field. So I remain pro-war but unsatisfied with the canned arguments of both sides...
And I'm still noodling on it.
** End Sidebar
Perhaps someday I'll blog it, but I doubt it. I'm more likely to blog the central issue, which is actually quite straightforward, without getting into the particulars of my dilmemna.
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