Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request from David Bereit

319 babies have been saved to date -- Day 28. Received the following prayer request today and passing it along. Don't underestimate the power of a good ground game.

As I've been bouncing across America, visiting 40 Days for Life sites, the number one thing people have been asking about is the crisis of abortion coverage and abortion funding in the health care reform bill that is expected to be voted on in the House THIS WEEK.

While we continue to answer our call to pray, fast, stand vigil, and conduct grassroots outreach during this 40 Days for Life, the urgency of the current situation demands that we ALSO speak out about the proposed health care bill -- which in its current form would gravely impact our mission.

Without question, this proposed legislation could undo all the years of work that have gone into the fight to defeat the abortion culture. The fate of millions of preborn babies hangs in the balance. In a nutshell, here are the biggest problems with the proposed bill:
  • For the first time in history, the bill would create authority for the federal government to MANDATE ABORTION COVERAGE
  • Individuals and families would be FORCED into insurance plans with mandatory abortion coverage
  • American taxpayers would be forced to pay a new "ABORTION PREMIUM FEE" to cover the costs of abortions for other people
  • The bill would direct $11 BILLION in funding to "community health centers" and deputizes them to become new abortion facilities
  • Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry would get a massive, GOVERNMENT-FUNDED BAILOUT -- to the tune of billions of dollars
  • The bill WOULD NOT adequately protect the consciences of medical providers who refuse to participate in life-destroying practices
Here's the bottom line: if the Senate health care reform bill is passed by the House of Representatives, it will result in the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade -- and hundreds of thousands more children will die.

I don't believe it is an accident that this critical vote is coming at a time when tens of thousands of people are already praying, fasting, holding vigils, and conducting grassroots community outreach as part of the spring 40 Days for Life campaign.

I believe our prayers -- and efforts -- are vital to stopping this horrific abortion mandate.

[H]ere are the three most important things you need to do RIGHT NOW:
  1. PRAY AND FAST: The vote in the House is now expected on Friday or Saturday. Between now and then, pray -- and fast, if you feel led -- like NEVER BEFORE. Pray for the president. Pray for the Members of Congress who will be voting this week. Pray for the handful of pro-life representatives who are under intense pressure to change their votes -- and who could make all the difference for preborn children.
  2. CALL YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE TODAY: Urge your representative to "Vote AGAINST any health care bill that does not explicitly prohibit abortion coverage and government funding of abortion!" Even if you've called before, do this again RIGHT NOW.
  3. E-MAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY: E-mail your representative and urge him or her to "Vote AGAINST any health care bill that does not explicitly prohibit abortion coverage and government funding of abortion!"
After YOU pray, call, and e-mail, make sure your family and friends do the same thing.

And then do it again tomorrow ... and the next day -- until the abortion mandate is STOPPED.

This really could come down to who makes the most calls and send the most e-mails in these decisive final days.

During this 40 Days for Life, we've all seen the tremendous fruits that come about when God's people pray, fast, and work -- HARD.

That is what we must all do at this critical moment when so many lives are at stake.

I'll close with this prayer from Anna, which she posted on the 40 Days for Life blog:

"Father, today we pray that the eyes and hearts of our nation would be opened to see that the injustice of abortion affects all of us. It is a human rights issue.

"Under God's law each one of us is valued. Every human being is endowed by God with the right to life. He has designed each one of us and prepared a plan for our life. Help us as individuals, and as a nation to return to being a nation that brings honor to you by honoring the life that you created.

"We ask these things in the name of your precious Son, who died that we might have abundant life. Amen."

For Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

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