Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brownback Condemns House Vote on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The good senator is spot-on, as usual. Do I smell a filibuster (see emphasis below)? From Christian News Wire:

"The vote in the House to allow taxpayer-funded destruction of young human lives is deeply troubling," Brownback said. "We all have a duty to protect the innocent, and this vote represents a failure to recognize the scientific fact that stem cell research that destroys embryos kills young human children.

"We don't need destructive research when efficacious and ethical alternatives exist. In fact, after 20 years of work in mice, human embryonic stem cell research has not resulted in a single human application, and results in mice are, at best, very modest. On the other hand, ethical non-destructive research has resulted in at least 58 different types of treatments and cures for real people." ...

Brownback continued, "I have conveyed to Senate leadership that we must do everything we can procedurally to stop unethical embryonic stem cell research in the Senate and I will work to do just that. We simply should not go down the road of using taxpayer dollars to kill young humans. Destroying embryos for any reason remains unethical and unnecessary."

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