Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Looking for a Pro-life Party

American Life League president Judie Brown on the consequences of the cynical mores of getting elected:

"I said it then, and I must say it now, there is a huge difference between the truly pro-life politician and the many political figures, including some in the Republican Party, who will say whatever it takes to be elected." ...

This vote in the U.S. House approves the killing of innocent preborn babies for the sake of harvesting their body parts - their stem cells. The bill would not have passed without the support of numerous GOP members. "It is a perfect example of the hypocrisy that has slowly infected many in the Republican Party and particularly those claiming to be pro-life," said Brown. "Whether the innocent human being is a few hours old or nine months old, an act that intentionally kills him is always intrinsically evil. That this action is being taken for a perceived 'good' is irrelevant; evil can never be justified. Human embryonic stem cell research is inherently evil." ...

"The fact that such a bill has been approved by a legislative body in which the majority claims to be 'pro-life' would seem to offer certain proof that too may politicians excel at offering lip service, while doing nothing proactive to save innocent lives," said Brown. "Perhaps it is finally going to dawn on the entire pro-life community that there is no such thing as a genuinely pro-life political party in the United States."

So, shall we pack up and go home? I'm reminded of The West Wing (used to have the best writing on TV) episode "The Portland Trip," where Josh spars with a gay Republican who opposes a gay marriage bill. During the exchange the congressman tells Josh he doesn't understand why those who oppose the NRA don't join the organization, show up one day with 3 million people and call a vote. It's either that, or we take a Pat Robertson-like mushy approach for '08.

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