Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Troglodyte Top 12 for the Week of 11/26/12

Everybody held serve, except Mississippi St. who got spanked by Ole Miss and bounced out of the ranking, accordingly, which allowed Oregon St. back into the ranking. That was pretty disappointing because I really wanted to have the argument that a 3-loss team deserves to not be excluded from the Top 12 if those all those losses happened to be against Alabama, LSU, and Texas A&M. Oh, well.

As for Oregon St., I just can't truck an ACC, or a Big Ten, team in the ranking, yet, so the other bubble teams are frozen out. We'll see how Championship Week goes, I guess. Interestingly, after the Big 12, the SEC, and the Pac-12, there's a bit of a drop off to the next 3, but Jeff Sagarin has the hapless Big East rated as stronger than the ACC.

Ranking (Previous)

1. Notre Dame (1)
2. Florida (2)
3. Alabama (3)
4. LSU (4)
5. Kansas St. (5)
6. Oregon (6)
7. Oklahoma (7)
8. South Carolina (8)
9. Texas A&M (9)
10. Georgia (11)
11. Stanford (12)
12. Oregon St. (Bubble)
Bubble: Clemson (Bubble), Nebraska (Bubble), Florida St. (Bubble)
Out: Mississippi St. (10)

This Week's Big Match-up

Alabama (3) vs. Georgia (10) @ Georgia Dome (SEC Championship)



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