Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Would You Do?

The Troglodytrix had a chance at a foul ball in Tuesday's Twins vs. Orioles game. The rules call for fans to not interfere while the ball is still in the field of play.

Baltimore Orioles first baseman, Mark Reynolds, tumbles into the stands after catching foul ball in Tuesday's game against the Minnesota Twins. Reynolds broke Troglotyke #4's cup holder; he wasn't in his seat at the time. (Getty Images)

Check out the video, and then you be the judge. The funny thing is we had talked about that exact situation happening about 2 innings before. Gotta side with her... integrity of the game, baby.


  1. It looks like the ball was in play when he caught it, so yeah, definitely don't interfere.  If the ball was clearly in the stands, then catch it if the Twins are batting.  Reynolds could have at least given you guys the ball after crashing into your seats.

  2. Yeah, but what would you DO?



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