Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Podcast: Catholic Cave Dweller Ep.1

Greetings and Thank You's

Pilot episode. Long format. Introductions, sending a big "Thank you," considering a value-added tax (VAT), observations on this year's NFL draft, a side note from the DFL's gubernatorial endorsement, noting the 15th anniversary of the OKC bombing, and looking for Walter Johnson.

Includes experiments with different recording equipment, set-ups, and locations. Also a dry run with the hosting site.


  1. I liked the show, Scott. Listened to half of it while getting lunch today and half on my drive home.

    When I was 17 I played for Team USA in the 19-U World Fastpitch Softball Championships and because the headquarters of the Amateur Softball Association was in Oklahoma City we often seemed to wind up down there for practices, etc. (and I suppose it was a somewhat central location). It must have been winter of 95/96 or 96/97 we were down there for a pitchers and catchers camp and the bus between the hotel and the park took us by the site. It was very surreal, especially for a group of younger people who probably weren't terribly engaged in current events. I remember that, for whatever reason (and maybe you would have an idea for the reason for this) the bus driver didn't think it was a good idea for us to get out of the bus and look -- he only drove us around to look at the site from the bus. That said, I really only remember it for that chain link fence.

    Good points about the Washington Senators not being represented at the stadium. I wonder if the Nationals franchise has "claimed" any of their history. That's the sad thing about franchises that move around -- the history to the point of the move gets rather disowned.

    Glad to hear your mother-in-law is on the mend. She continues to be in my prayers.

  2. Thanks, Judd. I'm almost certainly going to have to go to a shorter format if I want to sustain this, otherwise I'd have to broadcast only once a month, which I'm not sure is frequent enough for a podcast of this kind.

    The bombing site was (and is with the National Memorial) not a place to buzz through if you were pressed for any kind of time.

    I understand that the Nationals have a "Walk of Stars" that includes all the Senators greats.

  3. Scott,

    I can believe it. It's a lot of work and takes a good amount of preparation of thought before even hitting the record button. Maybe it would be easier to do 5-10 minute programs on one topic at a time. Even if you did 2-3 of these in one sitting, you would have a few releases on hand. You could release the more time-sensitive topics right away, and save the discussions like the VAT topic for the following week. Just an idea...putting together a 45-minute presentation each week seems it would take at least 3x that in preparation.

    I was interested in all of it, especially the VAT part and the update on your mother-in-law. It was a perfect level for listening in the car while commuting or whatever, too.

    I would suppose that time was the issue at the bombing scene. It seemed like it would be easy enough to pop out and look around a bit, but if that wasn't the case it probably was the reason we didn't stop.




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