Friday, July 08, 2005

Benedict and the Benedictines Homecoming

Family Memorial of Gary P. Warmka

After a 200 year absence, with an ordination at the small village home of Ss. Benedict and Scholastica coinciding with Pope Benedict's celebration of the Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul in Rome, the order marks its return. Here's Zenit's truffle quote from University of Tulsa professor, Russell Hittinger:

St. Benedict went back to the basics, he taught about getting it right with the Father. Jesus allowed man to go back to the Father. It's all about liturgy and the Eucharist. ...

To renew the Church we must start from the beginning again like the Benedictines. They took a vow of the reform of manners -- a conversion of morals. It's starting from scratch, with the building blocks of the Church. ...

When I first heard that Cardinal Ratzinger had taken the name Benedict, I thought 'Small is beautiful. That's how it begins.'

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