Saturday, July 09, 2005

Look Who's Growing Up

In this week's The Catholic Spirit, Adam Robinson and his blog, The Robinson Report, are profiled. It is a good piece by Julie Carroll that describes accurately the Report as "one-stop shopping" for Catholic media, particularly for "tech-savvy young adults with busy lifestyles." I'm not sure whether I still fit in the young adult demographic, but as a blogger, I find the Report to be a good resource that is rapidly moving up my list of sites to visit regularly.


The Troglodyte receives a nice mention in a companion article by Emilie Lemmons. This gives me the opportunity to say, "Thanky, thanky" to the staff at the Spirit (sorry, TCS belongs to Tech Central Station in the blogosphere). I know there are regular readers there, and because bloggers live to be read, I appreciate their reading and I greatly appreciate the plug, which has already translated into increased traffic. What may be the coolest thing, however, is that my mother, The Troglomatrix, called to tell me she saw the article.

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