Saturday, July 09, 2005

Books of Formation Discussion at Catholic Ragemonkey

The question is ""What are the five most essential spiritual reading books so that you can be a well-informed Catholic?" not including the Bible, or the Catechism. You are supposed to go with your gut reaction, so don't think about it. Fr. Tharp promises the reveal next week.

I'm thinking this makes for a good meme, plus I'm curious, so I'll tag Hanging onto Nothing, The Robison Report, and Roman Catholic Blog. You are also free to just post a comment here, but make sure you get your vote in at CRM. For the record, here's my list, admittedly from the hip and not in any order:

Aquinas' Summa Theologiae
Chesterton's Heterodoxy & Orthodoxy (I think they go together)
John Paul the Great's Crossing the Threshold of Hope
Butler's Lives of the Saints
Chesterton's Complete Father Brown Mysteries

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