Friday, May 19, 2006

Kudlow Gets It On Immigration

Because the approach is comprehensive, I agree, as does Larry Kudlow, in general with what the president is proposing to address the two issues of immigration and border security. Kudlow, in this truffle quote also puts his finger on something that is implicit to my call for increased legal immigration quotas, namely relaxing restrictions on the one group of immigrants who actually are being severely discriminated against:
Amazingly, the Senate has passed another amendment to limit temporary workers to a mere 200,000 per-year, even though numerous studies say we need at least twice that amount. The Upper Chamber is also limiting the volume of skilled H1B workers, primarily engineers and scientists. These workers are crucial to American competitiveness, and if allowed into the country at much higher levels they would throw off more than enough tax revenue to finance public services for unskilled H2B immigrants.

Why legislators fail to understand the economics of this problem is beyond me.

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