Friday, May 05, 2006

The Most Perfect of Souls

Perhaps; I understand the sentiment. When we lived in Oklahoma, it was words to that effect that a neighbor of an infant offered during her Mass of Christian Burial. The purist of souls, undoubtedly. It is this purity that is behind the joy of every encounter with a young child, particularly those that struggle after birth, like Trogling #5. And it is that that is behind this statement from Judd at
He has already brought great joy to our family in his three weeks of life.
"He" is his young nephew, Benedict, who has been diagnosed with Strep B, which is very serious for babies. Please find that you can say a prayer for his speedy recovery and that his family receive the Grace to accept any situation.

For our part, the Clan has good news because we have received word that Trogling #5 is coming home tomorrow. "Thank you" to those who have kept him and his parents in their prayers. May young Benedict's family know the same relief.

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