Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 ½ Time-outs Tuesday

Real men pray the rosary. Cowboy up.

I'm all in for Rick Santorum. To the convention. I caucused for him in February. I voted for delegates to our CD and state conventions that support him. For the first time, I've given money to a presidential candidate's campaign during the primary. Yes, I've committed a lot of chips. And I realized it doesn't matter what cards come up next Tuesday, or next month, I would just keep calling to the end. I still like my hand, so I'm pushing them all in, to the point that I'm a micro-bundler. I don't buy the early "unity" argument for the fall, or that there's damage in "dragging it out." Respect the process; play it out.

An early indicator that Facebook may have just peaked. Of all things, a QR code? Really?

-3 ½-
I really don't know what all happened with Trayvon Martin. And neither do you. Respect the process; let it play out.


  1. Scott - thanks for joining.

    The roof-top QR codes will tell our future alien overlords where the easy pickings are.

    1. Ahh, of course! The invisible hand of natural selection.



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