Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hey, Hey, Say It Ain't So, Bill

Update 2:

Mr. Cosby will not face charges. This was a bit of a long shot. The real question is whether there's enough to this for a civil suit.


Greta Van Susteren's words of wisdom are in effect. So far this continues shape up as a long drawn out tale of "he said, she said."

Original (Feb. 9):

First one woman, and now another. I'm not one who generally rushes to judgments, but the stories sound a little too similar, for my taste, not to have some truth to them. I have to say this stings a bit because I have been such a Bill Cosby fan, going all the way back to Fat Albert. I have his audios & videos, and shared them with the Troglotykes. I watched his TV shows. I even went to his movies. May there be justice, reconciliation, and conversion.

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