Thursday, March 10, 2005

One Step Forward

National Geographic has a post on ultrasound technology that shores up what many of us know, the unborn are undeniably babies (cap tip: Blogs for Life).

"We can see better, but it's also important that the patient can see better," he explained. "When I give a patient a 2-D image, it's not uncommon for them to ask two or three times, 'What is this? Could you point this out?' If you give them a 3-D image, they are immediately able to recognize it, because it looks like a baby."

Campbell notes that in his clinic the effects of the moving, 4-D images are even greater.

"You just see the whoops of joy when the fetus does something like blink," he said. "That's a very powerful impact."

The Troglodytrix and I recently got to see similar images of Troglodyte #7 and found it absolutely mesmerizing. And 2-year old Troglotyke #5, who was in the room with us, immediately identified the baby. We could have watched for a long time; powerful impact indeed. Rather than legalism, it will be cultural change, aided by scientific knowledge and tools (like this), that ultimately tips the behavioral scale away from abortion.

A "four dimensional" sonogram gives expecting parents 3-D images of their fetus in motion. The motion is said to add a dimension—hence, "four dimensional."

Image courtesy National Geographic Channel

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