Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ten Commandments Cases

There's a quality rant at Southern Appeal over the Texas and Kentucky cases. Here's a snippet:

While digging through news accounts, I couldn't help but choke upon reading the following from Linda Greenhouse of the NYT:

Now, as with all great controversies in American life, this one has finally reached the Supreme Court. In two cases to be argued on Wednesday, the basic question for the justices will be: what does it mean for the government to display a copy of the Ten Commandments?

Today, the elites find nothing strange about "all great controversies in American life" being decided by nine unelected judges. It never occurs to Greenhouse and her ilk that most if not all great controversies should be decided by the people and/or their direct representatives.

I'll go one further. This one ought not even be decided by direct representatives. Subsidiarity, my friends. Subsidiarity. Their task should be to implement the people's solution. Unfortunately, we are not likely to find what that is any time soon.

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