Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri's Passion 3/23

Wednesday of Holy Week

The three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit denies the Schindlers' appeal 2-1. Next stop the Supreme Court.

Commentary: My question is this, how can the Schindlers demonstrate "a substantial case on the merits of any of their claims" if they cannot present the new evidence that would come with the de novo review that Congress ordered in the legislation? This is something other than a conservative circuit behaving conservatively and not wanting to overturn out of hand a lower court's ruling. This is something other than federal judges taking a remarkably narrow view of the case's context to allow them to treat this like the political hot potato that it is. I sense there is Darkness afoot.

Home sick again today, but I have not watched nearly as much cable news in bed as yesterday; spending more time praying.

- Bill to have feeding tube re-inserted fails in Florida Senate.
- Florida Dept. of Children & Families is barred by Judge Greer from taking custody of Terri while he considers a petition for the state to assume custody based on a finding by a DCF Adult Protection Team that questions PVS diagnosis.
- Full 11th Circuit washes its hands, i.e., declines request for emergency hearing 10-2.

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