Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What Dog Are You?

Dog Name
Black Russian Terrier

Russia. In the 1940s the army-controlled kennel "Red Star" began to breed a dog for its own needs. They used a program developed by Soviet breeder-specialists and created a new breed especially suited for their special duties. The goal was a massive, robust, high-spirited all-round dog, always willing to work and able to withstand the enormous, climactic differences in the country. The Black Russian Terrier is to the Red Army what the Malinois is to the French Army.

Black Russian Terriers are brave and very observant. Suspicious of strangers, they have a strong protective instinct. They avoid fighting other dogs, although males cannot live with other big dominant dogs, but can easily live with non-dominant or small dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, etc. This breed only barks when they feel it is necessary. Quick to act, they are always ready to protect their owner and house.

You can take the test here.

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