Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Fatherhood Takes Its Toll

Look-alikes now?
Last night at a soccer banquet for Troglotyke #3, one of the varsity players walked up to me while I was standing in the buffet line and asked, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Mitt Romney?" So, yes, what first started a year ago is still happening and on a pretty regular basis these days.

Now, I don't have a problem with people saying I resemble Mr. Romney, after all, there are plenty worse people to be compared to. What is a little distressing, however, is that 25 years ago people used to tell me I looked like Tom Cruise. When I had my hair cut short I could kinda see it. And I can't just dismiss it. It's not like the only time was that smokin' hottie in Panama City trying to make her Division I boyfriend jealous while I was shooting pool one night in a bar during our spring baseball trip. To be clear, I'm talking about the Top Gun Tom Cruise, not the Legend Tom Cruise, or the Color of Money Tom Cruise. Hey, I was a college athlete and benching 275 pounds as part of my regular work-out and squatting 400. A beach volleyball scene was not a ridiculous proposition. This happened a lot. Seriously. All. The. Time.

My look-alike 25 years ago?
Image: Paramount Pictures

Here's the thing. I was 20-21 years old when this was happening and Cruise was like 23 years old when Top Gun was filmed. So early 20's to early 20's. I'm in my mid-40's now and Mitt Romney is 65. So in less than 25 years I appear to have aged 45 years. Nice.

Back then I was dating the woman who is now my wife. And I was interning at the company where I am still currently employed. So what's different? Why have I aged 45 years in 25 years? I have to pin this one on the kids.


  1. When were you regularly benching 275 and squating 400?  But in your defense, so to speak, Romney doesn't look 65.  He looks in his 50s, I'd say.

  2. Romney is a handsome dude.  don't worry abut it.  Just be glad he didn't say you looked like Obama.

  3. Third year at Ripon.

    So what you're saying is that I only look like I aged 35 years in 25 years. Gee, thanks.



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