Friday, April 01, 2005

Pope John Paul II is in "Very Serious" Condition

From the AP report:
Pope John Paul II suffered heart failure during treatment for a urinary tract infection and was in "very serious" condition on Friday, the Vatican said.
...[a Vatican statement] said that the pope had participated in a 6 a.m. Mass Friday and that the pope was "conscious, lucid, and serene."
A doctor on MSNBC just said that given the type and combination of ailments, His Holiness can expect a roller coaster of positivie responses to therapy and dangerous regressions. The hope is that the dips are not so low in the next few hours and days as to cause death. If his condition remains stable, there is the possibility for a substantial recovery, albeit a long one.

With Darkness recently stepping into the open, we fast and pray for the restoration of the pope's health that he may help us cast the Light. If the end is to be, then so be it. But may it not be. Not this hour, not this day, not this month, not this year. God is with us. Be not afraid!

Conflicting reports whether the pope has slipped into a coma. The next medical update from the Vatican is expected around 4:30 AM CST.

Update 2:
The pope's condition seems largely unchanged. He remains conscious and is "extraordinarily serene." We watch and pray.

Update 3:
Still no changes. Here's some info on septic shock. As grim is this sounds, I think it unwise to count the pontiff out, just yet.

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