Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tom Barnett is Still Lost in the Wilderness

To complete my triyptych of uncharitability, I have noted with disappointment, though without surprise, that Mr. Barnett has disapproved of the election of Pope Benedict XVI (here and here). For all his brilliance and much else I like about him, I still have to shake my head at his continued blind spot that the "intransigient" Pope John Paul the Great had put his finger on the problem of the Gap a decade before he did, and with sounder philosophical underpinning, culminating in the release of Centesimus Annus. Despite putting his objections in terms of the Pentagon's New Map, Mr. Barnett has let too many things slip in his blog over time for me not to think rather that he is simply experiencing the common, emotional gut-wrenching of a Cafeteria Catholic.

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