Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bishops Evangelizing in the Blogosphere

Are there any American bishops blogging?

From Zenit:
Philippine bishops are using every tool at their disposal to reach the faithful, including the Internet and blogs. ...

Bishop Jose Manguiran of Dipolong manages The Meaning (, whose subtitle is "Life is meaningful only when it begins and ends with Christ."

For this, he focuses on how one can lead a Christian life in an ever-faster-paced society. He also develops arguments on various philosophical issues and lays out his personal thoughts for all to read, reported AsiaNews.

Viewpoints ( is the diary of Archbishop Oscar Cruz of Lingayen-Dagupan.

In it, the archbishop carries on his personal battles against what he calls society's cancers, namely gambling and illiteracy -- battles that have earned him death threats.

Then there is Tidbits ( by Bishop Leonardo Medroso of Borongan.

Unlike his fellow prelate bloggers, who focus on discussions and reflections, Bishop Medroso gives technical advice and spurs his readers to follow the right path. For instance, in one of the latest updates, he urged young people to go to Cologne, Germany, for the 2005 World Youth Day.

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