Friday, May 20, 2005

The Misguided Solution to HIV/AIDS

Three weeks ago I highlighted that that there are many organizations, like CRS, who minister to those in crisis and refuse to deny the fully authentic human nature of those they serve. This is in contrast to many NGOs that distribute and promote the use of condoms to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Despite the good intentions, this practice serves what John Paul the Great called the "pulverization of the fundamental uniqueness of each human person" by preventing the self-giving in human sexual love, thereby denying it as an icon of the inner life of God as the Holy Trinity. Since my post, Oswald Sobrino at Catholic Analysis has put out (what I expect is) an ongoing series on the truth behind the error of promoting condoms. Here's the mushroom harvest:

The Anti-Catholic Obsession of Liberals
More on Church, AIDS, and Condoms
The Real Agenda in the AIDS/Condom Controversy
Crisis Editor on AIDS/Condom Issue

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