Monday, May 02, 2005

On Tap for May

The Troglotykes are heading into the final stretch for the school year, Troglotyke #7's arrival is anxiously awaited, I need to get at least three books completed off my "currently reading" list, and a few things are planned at The Troglodyte. It's setting up to be a busy month.

CaveMart Grand Opening:
Most of this is included with the Peter's Pence Drive, but there will be a one week sale on a few select items in the near future.

Speaking of the Peter's Pence Drive:
Gotta get the word out...

Planned Commentaries:
Pope Benedict and the Church's Renewal Project
The Secular Case for Heterosexual Marriage
The State of Education
Immigration & Solidarity

Site Layout:
The sidebar tweaks are just about complete--the only major item left is to scrub the blogroll. I'd appreciate any comments you may have on any part of the site's organization and appearance.

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