Sunday, May 22, 2005

Reciprocity Round-up

In what I hope to have as a regular feature, I will provide a few links (usually five, or so) to recent posts that catch my eye from sites on my reciprocal blogroll (those who I know link to me, but are not on my "check daily" list)--sort of my own unsolicited carnival, I suppose. Enjoy.

Clairity's Place: Families in Movement
Flos Carmeli: A Quotation for the Day
Fructus Ventris: The Medium, The Message
Gathering Goat Eggs: The Beautiful Is the Good, Darn It
Hanging on to Nothing: Kill the public school
Happy Catholic: Joe Marshall, a Gentleman Who Defends the Whole Truth
Idle Mendacity: Loyola unfazed by church criticism

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