Friday, May 06, 2005

What Archbishop Flynn's Letter Does and Does Not Say

The Rainbow Sashayers have made the full text of the Archbishop's letter available. (cap tips: Judd from Hanging On to Nothing, Tim Drake)

[T]he Catholic Church and of this Archdiocese is to be welcoming to baptized Catholics of all backgrounds, including those with same sex orientation. The criterion for reception of the Eucharist is the same for all - recipients must be in a state of Grace and free from Mortal sin. While the decision for that judgment rests with an individual Catholic's conscience, it has never been nor is it now acceptable for a communicant to use the reception of Communion as an act of protest. (emphasis added)
This, of course, has been the crux of the matter for even the most charitable among us. How does conspicuous, often disruptive behavior demonstrate a unity in reconciliation at the Communion table?

The Archbishop's letter meets its functional objective. However, I still would like to see him tie this into a fuller teaching about the Eucharist. Since Archbishop Flynn has come to the Twin Cities there has been a substantial increase, perhaps a surge, in two areas related to the Blessed Sacrament, Perpetual Adoration (the archdiocese has one of the, if not the, largest number of parishes in the country with Perpetual Adoration) and vocations (I think the number is something like 15 priests to be ordained this year). Surely such a shepherd has a unique insight he can share with us. Perhaps at the upcoming Feast of Corpus Christi...

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