Thursday, June 30, 2005

Colombian Woman Attributes Miracle to John Paul the Great

I trust this is just one of many stories we will hear in coming days (cap tip: Spirit Daily). For the record, I credit John Paul's intercession (perhaps among others), invoked via Fr. Tharp's prayer, with the Troglodytrix' getting through her complications and the safe arrival of Troglotyke #7 last month, which leads me to my other prayer request update re my friend, Don Cook:

He is on his 4th round of the same protocol. He started this one on May 31st. He seems to still be handling it fairly well. The first few days home are the hardest but he recovers quickly. His next set of scans will be done on June 27th. The doctor has promised him 2 weeks off after this round so he and his family can have a vacation this summer, which will probably involve time at, on, and in the lake.
Please, please keep those prayers coming.

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