Thursday, June 30, 2005

Demonstrating the Absurdity of the High Court's Eminent Domain Ruling

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[Original posted 1:20 PM, Thursday, June 30]

This story of turnabout is fair play has been making the e-mail rounds, and its simple elegance is worthy of a chuckle. In a press release, Logan Darrow Clement has announced he is seeking to take advantage of the recent Supreme Court ruling on Kelo v. City of New London, CT, et al., where local governments are allowed to take land from one private owner and give it to another if the government will generate greater tax revenue, or other economic benefits, when the land is developed by the new owner.

According to the Boston Herald, U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter's rustic farmhouse in Weare, NH, is assessed at more than $100,000, for which he pays approximately $3,000 per year in property taxes. Mr. Clement has transmitted a letter to Chip Meany, the code enforcement officer of the Towne of Weare, proposing to put a hotel on the property, which he expects would bring in economic development and higher tax revenue to Weare, thereby meeting the Court's requirement of better serving the public interest.

Don't expect anything to happen, however. State Rep. Neal Kurk said that Justice Souter's property will be protected by the good sense of New Hampshire townspeople; a sense he did not display on their behalf in his vote on the decision.


Looks like Southern Appeal beat me to this.

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