Sunday, June 12, 2005

Finding New Man?

In a "Where does he come up with this stuff?" episode, the Troglodytrix relays the following exchange that occurred with five-year old Troglotyke #4 in the waiting room during a recent trip to the doctor's office.
Troglotyke #4: Look, Mom, there are two baby boys in that stroller.

Troglodytrix (noting the frilly socks on each of the twins): I don't think those are boys.

'Tyke #4: Yes, Mom, they are boys.

'Trix: I don't think they are. Look, those socks have bows on them.

'Tyke #4: Mom, it takes a true man to wear a bow.
Of course, 'Tyke #4 might have just found an early version of "hybrid man." (cap tip: A View from the Pew).

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