Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hwang to Respect Human Dignity in His Stem Cell Research?

At first I took this as good news from our South Korean friend, Prof. Hwang:
The world's leading stem-cell researcher, Hwang Woo-suk, said Wednesday he would push forward with his research while maintaining respect for human dignity after confronting Catholic critics who have condemned his work as unethical.

"I will take lessons from the great teachings and guidance," Hwang told reporters after a meeting with Seoul Archbishop Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk. "I will not fail to meet the Archbishop's expectations."
that is, until I got further in the story:
However, Cheong said Wednesday he was somewhat relieved to find out Hwang's research would be "complementary" to research into adult stem cells - an area supported by many opponents of the use of embryonic stem cells as an alternative that doesn't involve destroying embryos. Researchers, however, say adult stem cells are less versatile and are sometimes damaged by the health problems of the adult.

"I will pray for God's blessing for his future research," Cheong said.
The professor seems to have a gift for speaking in circles; he will prove to be a difficult adversary in this ongoing global ethical discussion.

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