Saturday, June 18, 2005

Minnesota's Oldest Parish Gets New Church

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:
The Church of St. Peter, the oldest active Roman Catholic parish in the state, is on its way to enhancing its status as one of the most beautiful ones as well.

The Mendota parish is nearing completion of a $6.9 million rebuilding project on its scenic 18-acre riverfront campus.
After hearing so often these days about the decline of the American Church, that a long-standing parish is vibrant enough to take on this kind of project is welcome news. But for the love of Pete (no pun intended), can't we add anything on to a church without having a "gathering space." For the record, the Clan does not use such spaces for gathering; of course that's because we are chronometrically challenged and are usually racing through the space. I do like the wide passing lanes, however.

The formal Mass of Dedication will be July 10, with another Mass of celebration September 10, with Archbishop Harry Flynn as guest of honor. The Troglodyte extends best wishes and congratulations to the folks at St. Peter's.

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