Wednesday, July 20, 2005

No Betrayal Here

Starting at least a couple of months ago, there have been rumblings about the looming betrayal by the president, the congressional leadership, and the Republican party against conservative, pro-life Christians who have helped bring them to power. While '08 is still out there and we don't yet know who the presidential nominee will be, the nomination of Judge Roberts ought to ease the anxiety a bit. It is also encouraging that President Bush avoided dissin' women with the "woman's chair."

There are a million places to get commentary (hit just about any blog on the sidebar to start; Southern Appeal is among the best). In contrast to Ann Coulter's reasonable misgivings about how little is known about the next Mr. Justice, we can use Catholic Analysis' round-up for a more positive view.

Points that Matter:

Judge Roberts is a devout Catholic.
Fr. Frank Pavone endorses the president's choice.
Point That is Very Encouraging, but Doesn't Necessarily Matter (see First Ladies Bush):

Jane Roberts has served as EVP of Feminists for Life.
NRLC has more background on the Roberts nomination.

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