Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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A Coalition for Darfur Post

Sudanese vice-president and former rebel SPLM leader John Garang died in a helicopter crash in southern Sudan over the weekend. Just three weeks ago, Garang was inaugurated as Vice President under the peace agreement designed to bring an end to the 20 year North/South civil war.

Much of the world's hope for a peaceful solution rested on Garang's ability to reign in the genocidal regime in Khartoum and, with his death, the future of Darfur and the North/South peace accord is now hard to predict.

A mushroom harvest is below. The first is on Garang's death and the violence that followed. The second is a piece by Eric Reeves examining what his death means for Sudan and Darfur. The last is an important report by Doctors Without Borders (one that got a bit overshadowed by Garang's death) reporting that millions of people are still at risk in Darfur and that, contrary to conventional wisdom, the situation is deteriorating, both in terms of humanitarian and security conditions, in many parts of Darfur.

Garang's Death


Millions at Risk

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