Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Each Night I Leave the Ballpark When It's Over, Not Feelin' Any Pain at Closin' Time

With apologies to Merle Haggard, that's gotta be how a lot Twins' season ticket holders are going to feel after chugging $6 beers at the Metrodome to numb the pain of watching the team unravel the last two months of the season.

I was preparing for a swoon when they showed a remarkable ability to struggle against hapless teams like the Brewers and the Royals, an ability surpassed only by their success of failing to put up crooked numbers in the line score. But I have to admit to some irrational hope even after Torii Hunter was injured and GM Terry Ryan still made no moves before the trade deadline; a hope I was hoping (hoping hope? How pathetic isthat?) was justified by the first two games of the Boston series. Alas, it is not to be this year. Even though baseball is my favorite sport, I expect my attention to be on the Vikes by the time rosters expand next month.

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