Monday, August 15, 2005

Fashion Senseless

As a member of the board of education for the Troglotykes' Catholic school, I am called upon occasionally to make a "recruiting trip" to parishes that do not have schools affiliated explicitly with them. The recruiting part is standing in the vestibule/narthex/commons/"gathering space" (aaagh!) by a school display before and after Masses and answering questions. Yesterday was one of those occasions.

You only get an inquiry once every couple of minutes, so there is usually plenty of time to observe the parishoners, and from my vantage point at the back of the Church, I was in a good position. Now this particular parish views itself as "progressive" (read heterodox) and, as you'd expect, there is a wide spectrum in the manner of dress. Note, for the record, that these are reasons why the Clan is not registered as members of this particular parish.

At the beginning of Mass, a twentysomething man came in wearing typical "stylish" casual: tight pastel oxford, tight faded blue blue jeans, short white socks, sandals, multiple earrings, nose stud, etc. What I hadn't seen before is that his jeans were rolled up with large cuffs to just below the knee. His outfit was clearly an ensemble, so... whatever.

OK, near the end of Mass, I spot a fortysomething man leaving wearing a grey t-shirt, dingy white crew socks, loafers, and new baggy blue jeans rolled up with large cuffs to just below the knee.

Now, I usually try to follow that old dandy Tom Jefferson's adage to go with the stream on matters of style by at least being aware of changing fashion trends (while ignoring many of them), but I seemed to have missed this whole "male capris" thing.

In recognition of my newly discovered inability to track the vanguard of style, I have instead decided to embrace my Young Fogeyism (as a Gen X-er I'm too old and my blog is too small for me to be a Neocath) with a new t-shirt design at CaveMart.

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