Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Illinois Gov. Crosses [State] Line with Offer

While Missouri legislators prepared to debate in a special session scheduled this month whether to ban stem cell research, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich extended an invitation to some of Missouri's leading scientific institutions to conduct controversial stem cell research in his state.

Blagojevich authorized $10 million in state grants over the next year for research on stem cells, including those stolen from human embryos, and hopes to authorize more. Illinois has become the fourth state in the nation to publicly fund embryonic stem cell research, joining California, New Jersey and Connecticut.

With the timing of his Predictable move, the governor ceases to be just another state executive trying to "do what's best for the people in his state" and becomes an advocate advancing outright the ESCR cause. This is a useful reminder that without the passage of the Life Begins at Conception Bill (ESCR will not be banned nationwide without it), the high profile debate in the US Congress is not the only game in town for Cave Dwellers to concern themselves.

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