Monday, October 03, 2005

What's Really at Stake in ID Trial

The Dover Panda Trial continues this week. I have been following the trial, but have not yet commented--and I won't do a lot here. As noted in Reason, I agree that that this trial is occurring is a negative for both the legitimate science part of the ID movement (yes, there is one) and the community of Dover. Regular readers know that I have gone on record repeatedly against teaching ID as part of any high school curriculum. That said, fellow Cave Dweller Holy Fool captures the real risk of these proceedings:
Now, I've gone on the record as doubting the wisdom of presenting ID in High School science classrooms. ... However, my opinion is just one teacher's opinion. Others in my profession may have a fact-based analysis that persuades them to include ID in the classroom. That's fine. After all, what do educators do but determine the most appropriate way to educate those entrusted to them?

That's why I find the ACLU's decision to be such a ridiculous one. An organization that purports to secure peoples' civil liberties will deny educators their fundamental right to academic freedom in the name of a twisted ideology. The "Separation of Church and State" argument could not be a more transparent wolf-in-sheep's-clothing. They want their Reasonable belief in the Absolute Individual passed on in school without any consideration of its appropriateness in a science classroom. They want their metaphysics annointed as science. When others raise legitimate questions concerning the science in which the ACLU conceals their philosophy, that Reasonable organization responds by initiating as frivolous a lawsuit as I can imagine.

Our Reasonable Judiciarium will most likely dance to the ACLU's tune. They should try showing some judicial integrity instead and throw their case the hell out! The ACLU must not be allowed to infringe on the freedom of teachers and their communities to educate their students and children. Let educators and education administrators, in concert with school boards and parents, make the important decisions on what our children learn. Subsidiarity, and human decency, demands no less.

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