Monday, October 31, 2005

You Sure This is the Place?

All Hallow's Eve

Mr. Fabulous: Alright man, we've been in this car for three hours now. Where the hell is this place?

Jake: I told you it would take a little while to get there.

Murph: What's the name of the place?

Jake: The name of the place... is ahh... Bob's Country Bunker. Here we are.

Elwood: Bob's Country Bunker?

Mr. Fabulous: Jake, the sign says "Tonight Only The Good Ole' Boys".

Jake: Blues Brothers. It should read "Tonight only, The Blues Brothers triumphant return". Must be some kinda mistake. You guys unload the stuff. Elwood, come with me.

scene from The Blues Brothers

Unlike the Country Bunker, The Troglodyte doesn't make you leave at the end of the night, so to those of you who haven't left yet, "Thanks, y'all, for stickin' around."

Where to begin since the hiatus? Miers out, Scalito in? Hurricane Wilma? Beta? Boot scootin' Scooter Libby? Naaah. Week 7 - The Troglodyte Top Twelve's triumphant return (sure to raise an eyebrow, or two).

Rank. Team (Previous [wk 3])
1. Texas (1)
2. USC (2)
3. Virginia Tech (3)
4. Florida State (5)
5. Miami, FL (6)
6. LSU (11)
7. Georgia (4)
8. Alabama (10)
9. Ohio State (7)
10. UCLA (--)
11. Florida (12)
12. Penn St. (--)

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