Monday, November 28, 2005

Confirmation in the Cross

[Welcome Catholic Carnival goers]

A couple of weeks ago the Trolodytrix, the Troglomatrix (who scored the tickets), and I attended the one-man drama based on John Paul the Great's young adult life, Lolek, produced by Epiphany Studios, at a local KC hall. The blunt style of Rhapsodic Theatre takes a bit of getting used to, but true to its form and emphasis on the content of the word, one of the themes of the late pope's life, eventually to be dramatically demonstrated in the suffering before his death, emerges from his testing his decision to enter the seminary and receiving, though not seeking, more hardship in return. Faith is confirmed by challenge and difficulty and decidedly not by the easy life.

Today, Catholic Report has an exclusive interview with Katelyn Sills, the student who was expelled from Loretto, a Sacramento area Catholic high school, after her mother quietly notified the school that one of its teachers was a volunteer for Planned Parenthood. In her story, again the truth of JPG's insight is demonstrated. Here's a truffle quote in response to a question of how this incident has affected her faith:

I think it has deepened my faith. I try to live my faith through such things as
my blog. There’s a death penalty case here in California and I have written
about why I believe the death penalty is wrong, since it goes against life. I
love the Church and through all this I see the wisdom in the Church’s Teachings.
I want to live it out as best I can I am not bitter at anyone. I just want to
move on and I hope there can be reconciliation at Loretto as well. I loved that
school. I volunteered my time to go to the Catholic grade schools to talk about
Loretto and how they should go there. I learned an important lesson about faith
and it’s not easy to follow the path set for us by Jesus and all the saints but
I am trying to live that out.

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