Monday, November 07, 2005

Prayer Request Update

From an update I wrote for my friend Don Cook's private website after my visit to Austin:

Overturning the playground see-saw rule that whatever goes down must come up, Don's new nausea meds helped him go from clear fluids to enjoying a turkey sandwich, a root beer float, and home-made banana pudding this past week. He has had several higher energy days where he was able to visit with a steady stream of friends and family who came into town. The phone seems to ring constantly, and I'm sure everyone who has called has noticed a little bit more strength in his voice.

One of the highlights of my visit had to be getting to meet the kind of people who call Don a friend. And so many! What a blessing he has (made possible, of course, by the blessing we have in him).

The latest round of chemo appears to not have been effective as there has been little change in some topical tumors that have appeared on his legs. Next is the possible trial at MD Anderson.

As we all hope and pray for his healing, Don is doing his part to cooperate and give God a chance to work a miracle. He says he's ready to be a witness, but I think he's started already.

Please don't forget about the benefit for the Cooks scheduled for Nov. 20, and please keep on praying--he and his family and his friends greatly appreciate it.

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