Thursday, November 24, 2005

You Memed Me! You Memed Me! You Really, Really Memed Me!

I have finally been memed! Holy Fool has called me out on the Confiteor Meme. Very well then...

First I must take care of some business, related to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, on the recent occasion of Troglotyke #3's first confession. As is now common practice, our parish imported a bunch of priests to handle the load of 100-something second graders and their parents, grandparents, godparents, etc. Murphy's law of queuing ensured that I got a "one sin only" priest, and in the traditional spirit of making a full confession before the community I find myself compelled to relay this:

1. I confess that I was irritated when, because I go to confession more than once a year (his criteria), the priest said , "I don't want to hear that you have cussed, you get angry at the children, you are short with your wife, you don't work as hard as you should, you don't give enough to charity..." covering nearly my entire list.

2. I confess that I chuckled and was pleased with myself when after I told him my "one sin" he said, "Oooooh, that's a good one."

3. I confess that I got irritated again when he added, "If that's what you are aware that you need to work on, then you are a good man."

OK, now onto the rest of it.

4. I confess that I strike my breast during the Confiteor and bow deeply during the Creed because I hope it will make the adults around me behave better during Mass.

5. I confess that I, too, am obsessed with Sitemeter stats, checking for comments, and TTLB and Technorati rankings.

6. I confess that since we moved back to Minnesota, I don't really care much about any of the sports teams.

7. I confess that I scarcely noticed the first dozen years of John Paul the Great's pontificate.

8. I confess that The Troglodyte is the bastard blogchild of Catholic Ragemonkey.

9. I confess that I dislike Bill Clinton more for ruining political rhetoric with his sentence/phrase/clause-parsing than for his dalliances.

10. I confess that I like talking to hear myself talk.

11. I confess that despite #10 I'm not very outgoing.

12. I confess that I blame binging on diet pop, buying books, and blogging on having an addictive personality, which I'm not sure that I have.

13. I confess that I wanted to be memed a little too much because, after all, there are not many better ways to top off a holiday than with a good meming and a honkin' slice of pumpkin pie.

Now let's go with:

Frs. Hamilton and/or Tharp, or would that be Tharp and/or Hamilton?, of CRM
Judd of hangingontonothing
Joan my blurking former schoolmate (You can use the comment box)
Dave Hartline of Catholic Report (You can use the comment box, too, because the meme doesn't fit your typical content)

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