Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Yee-haw Scene: Prayer Request Update

I received an update this morning from one of Don Cook's neighbors:
On Wednesday morning they transferred Don to the Christopher House.
The Christopher House is a hospice facility and a very nice one at that.
Don has a large comfortable room with a sleeper sofa and all the amenities of
home so that Denise is able to stay there with him. More importantly they
have a Dr. on staff at all times and round the clock nurses. Don appears
to be resting more comfortably and Denise is doing much better there for
sure. Now she can focus on comforting and loving him instead of nursing
him. His prognosis is the same and we do not know how much time he has or
how long he will be there but for now knowing he is more comfortable is

Denise wanted me to thank everyone again for their well wishes, prayers and
words of encouragement for Don and the family.

Please (continue to) pray for Don, Denise, and their two girls, who start their what you used to be called Christmas break tomorrow, that they know and accept God's grace during this family journey.


Here's the source of the "yee-haw scene" paid homage in the Billy Crystal movie, City Slickers.

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