Monday, February 06, 2006

Two Wins and a Loss

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Well, I'm still caught in the Work-Basketball Nexus (a la Star Trek:
Generations). The good news is that the boys (Troglotyke #1's 7th grade
team) have doubled the victory tally from a year ago and have a two-game
winning streak. The bad news is that our leading scorer broke his leg at
the school ski trip a week and a half ago, making our last win a struggle
it wouldn't have been if he were healthy. So I spend what little extra time
I had for writing now obsessing on what combination(s) give us our best
chance to finish in the upper half of the division and qualify for the Tier
I tournament for the first time.

We played the division's best four teams in the first five games of the
12-game season. The boys have shown dramatic improvement and were
competitive in all but one of those, so we had a real shot at winning out
before the injury. Actually we still do, but the team play is going to have
to kick into a higher gear. Our next test is tonight in what should be
another close game.

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