Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What Looking Beyond Government Institutions Can Do

The London School of Economics and Political Science has issued a report that finds that drug and biotechnology companies have launched more than 60 projects subsidized by charity funds, led by the Gates Foundation, in recent years to discover new treatments for a wide array of neglected diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. The report also bemoans that much of this may be all for nought if the world's richest governments don't step up to fund the expensive final stages of drug testing and provide the logistics to begin delivering these new products to those who need it in developing countries.

We've had effective TB treatments available for years and the world's governments have failed to devise a a distribution solution. Wasn't the entire 20th century irrefutable proof that governments are singularly ineffective in distributing much of anything except ordnance? The answer is for government to get out of the way on this one, including by streamlining the drug approval process. Subsidiarity, subsidiarity.

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