Friday, April 21, 2006

Why Again Do We Need to Fleece the Public on This Then?

Solemnity of Easter Friday

Despite the elaborate Hwang Woo-Suk hoax and eight years without success worldwide, scientists from Harvard and California announced recently in Cambridge, MA their plan to press forward with the development of so-called therapeutic human cloning to supply embryonic stem cell research. If private groups are going to press ahead in an area that continues to fail to live up to its hype, then don't require the public to fund it.

Also, in what should mark a significant milestone in the descendancy of institutional science, in response to the research being conducted in a secret location, a Harvard scientiest said that it should not be done behind closed doors because it is perfectly ethical and has an honorable goal. [emphasis added]. Let that one sink in a little bit.

Contrast the Harvard situation with this, Missouri lawmakers have taken the first steps to dedicate a portion to adult stem cell research of the 25% of the state's tobacco settlement fund that is required by law to go to "life sciences research." The difference? ASCR is perfectly ethical, and it has produced dozens of treatments and cures.

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