Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Progressive" Pagan Pushed for Pause...

Here I was going to point to a post from a couple of days ago by a "progressive" student, who happens to be pagan, that argues for holding our collective horses on embryonic stem cell research. Other than a specious argument that the embryo is not alive, it was fairly well reasoned and included a self-consistency that I find too rare among "progressives" of any age, namely the assertion that those who see fit to oppose vivisection ought to be among those standing athwart the headlong rush to experiment on human embryos.

Alas, now that I have time to do a little blogging, the original post is gone, but we do find a post on abortion that, in addition to the same an-embryo-is-not-alive silliness, (Surprise!) sides in favor of abortion's legality. Hmmmmm... Do you hear pink helicopters?

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